Essay on I Am A Hundred Percent Guaranteed

Essay on I Am A Hundred Percent Guaranteed

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Thanks to some investigation earlier in the year, I’m a hundred percent guaranteed it had something to do with that poor excuse of a woman who happens to call herself a professor, there was an extra day, and a Friday of all days, tagged on to the end of the semester that forced us all to show up to one class so they, the school, could say we at least attended that day. Biggest waste of time, energy and gas I have ever had to use in my life.
This was probably the first day in over a month where everyone who was supposed to be in the class had showed up. Wait, that doesn’t seem right. Wasn’t everyone here this pasted Monday? I don’t usually keep up with that sort of thing anyway.
As the rain poured down outside, I wish I was seated near the window. One of the best way to go to sleep is trying to count every raindrop that falls from the clouds. My high score, which I’m proud of, is eight and half.
“Mrs. Sorun, which side was the winner in the ‘How Well Do I Know My Partner’ quiz?” a female student asked.
Damnit! I forgot all about that quiz. This is my que to leave…
The sound of a door lock clicking followed by a mischievous laugh echoed throughout the room.
“Naturally, as if it was even a question, the girls came out on top,” Mrs. Sorun said, making her way back to the desk from the door. “And if my little brain remembers correctly the losers are forced to do whatever the winners says.”
“Wrong,” I hurried and denied. Knowing her she’ll have me do something horrifying. “The losers were to treat the winners to anything of their choosing. And we have tape recorder guy on our side to prove it.”
The guy I mentioned reached into his bag and placed his tape recorder on his desk while having the most satisfied smile on his face.
It wa...

... middle of paper ... reason why they’re saying what they’re saying. I’ll give each of them an hour before they get tired of her.
Hmmm… I’m in quite the dilemma. I can’t tell her no because that’ll make me come off as a hypocrite after arguing with Mrs. Sorun. Then there’s the set of rules that are in place that I would be breaking. There’s also the fact the rest of the guys, who I don’t care for, in the class will be angry at me. Oh well, can’t please everyone.
“I don’t want to,” I repeated, lying my head on the table. “Think of something else.”
“I don’t want nothing else.”
I was about to retaliate, but as soon as I seen the determined look of her face I could tell she also wasn’t going to lose this war without putting up a hell of a fight. A long fight. A fight too long for my liking. A fight so long, I’m willing to throw in the towel.
Guess I better go straight to plan Z.

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