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I Am A Great Day Essay

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My heart was racing as I saw the white van speeding towards me and not stopping I slammed on my breaks and the van crashed into the front of my car. My leg rammed into the gear shift and then my whole body smashed into the door. I was shaking as the car started spinning and instantly shut my eyes fearing the worse. The car seemed to be spinning for eternity and seemed as if it would never stop. Bang! My body lurked forward and hit the steering wheel hard. The car had finally stopped and my ears instantly started ringing as I finally opened my eyes to see people rushing towards me.
Today was going to be a great day I was determined as I sat up out of bed and looked over to see my dog Apollo staring at me. I raised my hand knowing instantly he’d try to lick my face as he usually does when he gets excited. I looked down at my phone and saw it was 10 o clock only an hour before it was time for me to be at work. I in a hurry raced around to take a shower and find something to eat. I absolutely hate barley having enough time to wake up, today was more than likely not going to be a good day. I finished eating my cereal and out the door I went to work. I walked into the produce room and saw a huge mess and the stink of rotten fruit I was suddenly mad barley anything had been done for the day; I begin to help unload the items we had just received in from the warehouse hoping the day would be over with fast. We had almost got the truck completely done when in walks my manager Charlie to inform me that one of the meat department associates called in so he would need me to work over there for the day. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing in the meat department but I figured I could just wing it seemed to be fairly similar to my job a...

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...medic asked me how I was feeling and whether I was alright I suddenly realized I was extremely sore and both my leg and side hurt badly but nothing to serious so I told him I was fine and he made me sign some papers along with the police report I had to fill out. My boyfriend and grandpa arrived and I explained what happened and headed home.
The car wreck was a frightening experience, but at the same time eye- opening to say the least. Due to the accident I have become a very cautious driver and now wait probably a lot longer than I should before pulling out anywhere. I also never get in a hurry to go anywhere I take my time and make sure I am constantly paying attention to those around me. The car accident I would say has definitely taught me a very well needed lesson. I am thankful beyond belief that I was not seriously injured and am still around today.

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