Essay about Hyper Vs. Hyper V Offers Many Benefits

Essay about Hyper Vs. Hyper V Offers Many Benefits

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Hyper-V offers many benefits, especially to a growing company. Hyper-V allows you to deploy operating systems on VMs from the server. It also allows for the deployment of new servers in a small amount of time, which saves resources in setting up new systems and allows for easier testing prior to rolling out a new product. Copies of a server’s configuration can be used to restore a corrupted machine limiting the down time when a server fails. Blade servers can be used and VM servers can be deployed on separate blades reducing the need for additional machines. This would be a good option for the Atlanta location due to the space restraints.
Hyper-V offers a Failover Clustering feather that can increase your network server’s efficiency. This is done by designating a group of computers (which should be located in one physical location so they can be connected with cable) that have virtual instances of the same software running. These groups are called nodes and as one node fails, the other nodes begin offering the resources to the failed one. Failover Clustering allows for a slight disruption of the user’s services. There are some specialized settings on the different network devices to allow Failover clustering to work as intended. This is because there are two identical adapters residing on the network. IPs will need to be scrutinized to make sure there are no conflicts present.
Hyper-V could present some drawbacks. Setting up multiple virtual instances can be very complicated and requires a person with extensive knowledge. Hyper-V is a completely different software base and requires a specialized skill set to manage. A second drawback to using virtualization is that all applications or operating systems do ...

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...e sites. A complete network map of each site has been designed and distributed accordingly. Offsite backups will be conducted on a set schedule. This will be in addition to the site to site backup that is performed more frequently.
This proposal provides a seamless design of your server networking system. All aspects of the project have been put in place to promote efficiency, productivity, and security. Data storage will be automatically monitored to prevent any losses. The configuration of the servers allows for scalability. The domain name is easily identifiable and user roles have been put into place for an added level of manageability. All aspects concerning disaster recovery, file sharing, domain name consolidation, and physical device location have been addressed. Thank you for providing me the opprotunity to design your core IT services.

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