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Ethics can be defined as the study and philosophy of human conduct, with an emphasis of determining right and wrong (Ferrell & Fraedrich 2010). Ethics are an individual belief system that consists of knowing what is right and acceptable and what is wrong. While it is true that ethics is closely linked with law, regulations and rules, it does not go against research and does not hinder scientific progress. Woo-Suk Hwang and his team paint a picture of the rampant fraud and ethical violations that occurs in the field of biological research and testing.
The implications of scientific fraud and embezzlement move beyond the world of pure research to the area of public policy. Here fraud can become a matter of immediate practical significance (Erwin, Gendin & Kleiman 1994). The violation of the bioethics law, fraud and embezzlement by Woo-Suk Hwang is a case in point.
Ethical transgressions carried out by Hwang and his team are far beyond the misuse of funds allocated for research. There is gross misconduct and research misbehaviour on the part of his team. The research carried out by Woo-Suk Hwang and his team involved conducting of research and experiments regarding the field of cloning. A number of ethical violations arise from the way in which Hwang and his team go about conducting the research.
Other ethical violations by Hwang include the embezzlement of US$3 million and using the funds to buy himself a car and gifts for politicians, intentional fabrication of data to apply for research funds and the violation of the bioethics law that outlaws the purchase of eggs for research. Hwang broke the law given the means by which he obtained the eggs used for the research; he seemed to have coerced his junior researchers into donating...

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