Human Trafficking : The Victims Of Trafficking And Violence Protection Act Of 2000

Human Trafficking : The Victims Of Trafficking And Violence Protection Act Of 2000

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In the United States, the most crucial piece of legislation against human trafficking is the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000. Additional reauthorization acts of this legislation were passed in 2003, 2005, and 2008. These were enacted in the continual effort to combat human trafficking, protect the victims of trafficking, and ensure prosecution and punishment of offenders. The Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000 also establishes an inter-agency task force to prevent and fight human trafficking. However, it remains to be seen what effect this legislation has had on the prosecution of human traffickers. Albonetti (2014) found that in the ten years after this law had been enacted, trafficking offenders continued to be prosecuted only under other laws that were in place prior to this act, rather than being prosecuted under this act. However, more time and additional research will be necessary to understand the effect of this legislation on human trafficking cases.
In addition to legislation on human trafficking, criminal justice systems must turn their attention to educating and equipping law enforcement officers about the nature and extent of trafficking. Specialized training is necessary for law enforcement to understand the intricacies of trafficking cases and how to handle them properly. Farrell, Owens, and McDevitt (2014) stress the need for such specialized training in order for law enforcement officers to embrace new legislation on trafficking, and to understand how to respond to these sensitive cases. Training can also be beneficial to others in the criminal justice system, such as prosecutors, judges, and court personnel.
In order to properly detect and investigate human traff...

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...citizens and civic groups will assist law enforcement in preventing and detecting trafficking cases.
Human trafficking for sexual exploitation and forced labor are continually growing criminal enterprises and are incredibly difficult to combat. Trafficking can occur anywhere, but is quite prevalent in the cyber world. The rapid process of globalization has created more ways in which traffickers can target victims, connect with buyers, and conduct transactions through the Internet. These grievous human rights violations have been coming to the attention of criminal justice systems in the last few decades. Specific trafficking legislation, specialized law enforcement training, and cooperation between law enforcement agencies, and partnerships with social groups are essential to effectively preventing, detecting, and prosecuting cases of human trafficking.

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