Human Trafficking Essay

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Human trafficking, the illegal trade or purchasing of a human, is a constant issue occurring all around the world. This event is taken place in many different areas with males and females of all ages. It became a known epidemic to the world around the 90's. Traffickers, as they are called, abuse unseen boarders, broadband communication, and economic and political disturbance along with a mass of migrating persons. By seeking out the more vulnerable, they have created a successful business as well as a tragic epidemic in today. Usually, documents were available to track trafficking in persons. However, as times are changing there is an increase in hostility toward immigration due to rising mass movements of people which thus varies these records. There is ignorance about the true definition of typically used terms such as smuggling, trafficking, and illegal immigration which in turn causes a larger playing field for these traffickers and their targeted victims.
“Smuggling implies a contractual relationship between those seeking to leave a country and those acting as agents to assist their client with entry to another country. Usually, the relationship ends once the migrants have arrived at their destination and have paid their legal fees. Illegal immigrants are individuals who travel to another country to seek employment, without possessing proper documentation. They may or may not have been smuggled. Human Trafficking, on the other hand, is a business involving coercion, abduction, fraud, deception, abuse of power as well as abuse of vulnerability of women and children for purposes of forced labor or prostitution. It is only the trafficker who gains.” (Clark, Michele A. "Human Trafficking Casts Shadow on Globalization”)
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...ome cases, the possible victim could even be able to defend themselves. Typically these events are caused because the trafficker wants to feel inferior and powerful; they do it for the large sums of money that comes with cheap labor. Traffickers cannot be identified as a single type of person or image. Anyone could be a predator when it comes to human trafficking. This is why one must always be prepared for any situation that could arise. Education and an increase in laws with recovery actions are only the beginning to this cure. Most laws are for the safety and protection of the victims. Further laws need to be made that directly affect the traffickers so that they can be prosecuted and be at a higher risk of being caught. By strengthening enforcements, not only will people feel safer when traveling but the real criminals will have a higher risk of getting caught.
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