Essay on The Human Trafficking Organization : Sister Ping

Essay on The Human Trafficking Organization : Sister Ping

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Women in every culture assume a significant role in human trafficking. But only in China has a woman been found at the top of a major transnational trafficking organization. Sister Ping was sentenced to thirty-five years’ imprisonment by an American court for conspiracy to commit alien smuggling, other smuggling charges, and money laundering after many Chinese died on her vessel the Golden Venture off the East Coast of the United States. Before this tragedy, she had run a highly successful multimillion-dollar criminal empire that stretched across several continents. Sister Ping rationalized her role in human smuggling in that she believed she was providing a public service for migrants who could not enter the United States without her services. Members of the Chinatown community where she resided for many years reinforced this perception of her as a service provider to the community.
Women are important recruiters in Eurasia and Africa. Latin American, Asian, African, and Eurasian women run brothels and sex trafficking rings as many international investigations have revealed. Many women traffickers were once prostitutes but enter the business because they can earn more than in the legitimate economy. Becoming a human trafficker requires the acquisition of certain skills. Some women exploited by a
Drug Trafficking Human Trafficking Perpetrators Many large-scale organizations, some smaller Mostly male; women’s role limited to couriers Criminals, guerillas, insurgents, and terrorists Full range of traffickers from small scale entrepreneurs to major organizations Many female perpetrators, functioning as heads of organizations and recruiters Some high-status individuals, as well as guerillas, insurgents, and terrorists Commodities Mar...

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...esses such as Western Union allowed them to repatriate assets.
Traffickers’ handsome profits are transferred to their families or clans either through wire transfers as mentioned or through cash couriers.35 With such substantial profits, the head of a trafficking “network in Bulgaria owned a chain of restaurants, several cafés, a pawn shop, and a taxi company.”36 Profits were also used to finance other illicit activities, to gain political power, and for investment in property and businesses such as car dealerships and travel agencies. This model results in very significant violations of human rights and terrible violence against trafficked women. The model’s reliance on violence in all stages of its operations makes it the most serious violator of human rights. Threats to family members at home are combined with terrible physical abuse of the women.

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