Human sciences and natural sciences and the attainment of truth Essay

Human sciences and natural sciences and the attainment of truth Essay

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The human sciences and natural sciences are considered knowledge by many worldwide, as their arguments having convinced people one way or another. While the natural sciences focus on swaying belief by showing duplicable evidence through a strict and standardized methodology, the human sciences focus on explaining how things are and how they came to be using logic, reason, and an understanding of human behavior.
Beginning with the scientific revolution in the fifteen hundreds, the Western world has become accustomed to accepting knowledge that is backed by the scientific method, a method that has been standardized worldwide for the most accurate results. This method allows people to believe that the results achieved from an experiment conducted using the scientific method have been properly and rigorously tested and must therefore be the closest to truth. This method also allows for replication of any experiment with the same results, which further solidifies the credibility and standing of natural science in the world. Another aspect that allows for the reliability on the natural sciences is the current paradigm boxes, which skew the truth to remove anomalies. This affects the outcome of experiments as the hypotheses will be molded to create results that fit the paradigm box.
The scientific method varies in slight differences, as there is no exact universal way, however there is a basic six-step form that is widely accepted. This form has been embellished and improved over time; however the first established form was invented by Ibn al-Haythem, a Muslim physicist, in his Book of Optics. It is as follows:
1. Explicit statement of a problem, tied to observation and to proof by experiment
2. Testing and/or criticism of a hypothe...

... middle of paper ...

...te results that attempt to be unbiased, and the paradigm box ensures the experiments that are carried out fit the thought pattern of the majority of people. Human science uses logic and reason to explain how things are that appeal to a person’s thought and understanding. Both are justifiable in their own circumstances, and utilize ways of knowing that directly affect their methodology.

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