The Human Resource Management Journal Titled ' The Practice Of Discipline

The Human Resource Management Journal Titled ' The Practice Of Discipline

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The article from the Human Resource Management Journal titled ‘The practice of discipline: evaluating the roles and relationship between managers and HR professionals’ seeks to shine a light on not just the application of work place discipline but the relationship between the human resources manager and the operational managers when it comes to employee discipline. The authors describe it as, “The progressive devolution of people management activities has left the responsibility for disciplinary decision making with operational managers.” (Jones & Saundry, 2012 pg. 252) They try to determine the ideal relationship between human resource managers and operational managers.
In practice, workplace discipline started as a product of negotiation between employees, unions, and employers. Many believe that operational managers do not like to discipline employees through standard company procedures. They often feel it is necessary to deal with discipline in a practical manner by using their gut instincts. This kind of application of discipline can often lead to perceived unfairness and undermine authority due to personal relations with employees. This informality between operations manager and employee can appear to other employees as a cause for more lenient discipline when they have an informal working relationship and the other employee does not. This can undermine the managers authority and points to a need for formal organizational disciplinary procedures and cooperation between the human resources manager and operations manager. Conversely, strict application of formal discipline policy does not allow an operations manager to be flexible enough in an actual work place context in which the manager must consider operational req...

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...s allowed the operations managers be more practical in their application of discipline and allowed them to resolve many disciplinary issues informally. However, they found little evidence to suggest that placing operations managers in the primary role for the application for discipline allows them a greater ability to resolve issues any sooner than if HR managers were more involved. In fact, many operations managers were reluctant deal with disciplinary issues early on. Often because of the perceived time involvement, cost, and complexity of these formal disciplinary proceedings. In the end, neither human resource managers nor operations managers can improve the management and application of workplace discipline alone and they must work closely together and adopt a methodology to resolve disputes quickly before the need for formal disciplinary proceedings arises.

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