Human Impact Damage On Coral Reefs Essay

Human Impact Damage On Coral Reefs Essay

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A case study of "human impact damage" on the
Coral reef environment through tourism

This case study will take a critical approach to the human impacts on coral reefs in a global context, it will further highlight management strategies and problems that adventure tourism faces in these areas. Further providing a critical analysis of the reasons proposed to explain the popularity of coral reefs.
It is proven that human impacts can homogenize and simplify ecosystems (J. Williams, Gove, Eynaud, Zgliczynski, & Sandin, 2015). With man able to travel to any destination in the world with a click of a button the world’s natural landscapes are being exhausted. This is mainly due to the millions of flocking tourists that seek to feed their bucket list appetites all year round. One such specific environment is that of the seaside, it is common knowledge that seaside destinations are some of the highly sought after areas within the tourism industry. Amongst seaside tourism there are many natural wonders, one of which is coral reefs. The health and productivity of coral reefs around the world are in decline due to climate-change related coral bleaching and physical destruction (Stephen, et al., 2009). Coral reefs hosts an abundance of various adventure sports for the tourism industry, thus making it a very popular location to visit.

Physical presence (Snorkelling, Diving, Fishing etc.)
There are many factors that contribute to the destruction of these stunning landmarks, however due to the word count limitation, this assignment will focus on 3 specific causes of the decline of these areas. With this it will then allow for more critical analysis of the factors that contribute to the destruction of coral reefs.
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...een trial and tested in waters of the coast of the Netherlands. However many commentators in the subject area still feel there is still along way to go to implement it on a global scale (Deep sea news, 2016).
To conclude it is clear that the seaside environment is amongst the most popular tourist attractions on earth. Tourist wish to feed there bucket list appetites by visiting such elegant places such as coral reefs. With them serving local communities with a wealth of economical funds, it serves as the perfect platform for humans to engross themselves in the riches. However with these benefits to humans it is evident that the natural species are suffering, but with further advancements in management strategies being implemented year on year, it may seem that in the near future both the environment and humans can find a medium to exist together in this modern era.

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