Human Evolution Of Humans And Humans Essay

Human Evolution Of Humans And Humans Essay

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Are we still evolving? How do humans and apes share a common ancestor? Modern human species or Homo sapiens have shown great similarities in the physical and genetic makeup to another group primates species, the apes. Both organisms share a common ancestor dating back eight to six million years ago. Evolution means change over time. Human evolution is the process by which humans have emerged from apelike ancestors. Through sequences of mutations, genetic drift, migration, and natural selection and technology we are able to observe the amazing amount of similarities and diversity of humans to other living organisms. Humans have roamed the earth for about six million years. At least, that is from when the oldest human ancestor was discovered. The oldest known human is called “Lucy,” she is considered an Australopithecus. It was discovered by Donald Johnson and M. Taieb. Australopithecines are quite similar to primates than present-day humans. Most of early human fossils dating back six to two million years ago are in Africa because humans first evolved there. Most of human evolution existed in that continent.
Over time, humans have been developing new traits. The pinnacle of human evolution is when Homo sapiens learned the ability to walk on two legs, or being bipedal. This human trait was dated back to over four million years. The Australopithecines where the first to do this, however, the ability was not mastered. Their way of walking was unsteady. Most of the time, they were probably walking on their hands and legs. The ability to climb trees was still maintained. The oldest Australopithecus fossil is Lucy; she was specifically an Australopithecus Afarensis. Approximately, 40 percent of her skeletons was dis...

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...e early stages of evolution.
Humans have been around for about six million years. Over the course of the years we have grown from three to six feet, lost most of our body hair, became slender and adapted to walking, and grown brains over three times as large as the first human-like beings to ever roam the earth. We have developed advanced cultures and societies. From living in tress and digging food from the ground with sticks to living in large cities of millions and to buy our food from stores with money. We have come a long way, from Australopithecus to Homo Sapiens. In various ways, we are still primates. We have the same body structure. The same hands, excluding the opposable thumbs. The same feet, only with longer toes for gripping. Lastly, our faces are quite similar as well. However, we have mutated time and time again through natural selection.

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