Essay Human Centered Information Security Management

Essay Human Centered Information Security Management

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As the African proverb denotes, “It takes a village to raise a child”, it will take that same communal effort in today’s society to keep that child safe in school and higher education facilities. This village must consist of parents, law enforcement, federal government, personnel, and the general public for protection. As preponderant challenges emerges in this wicked society related to public mass shootings, higher education institutions are placing more accentuation than ever upon risk mitigation. Within the IT department at Southside Virginia Community College, risk management consists of processes and concepts to orchestrate, obviate, and successfully respond to emergencies in the agency’s daily operation. In order to be prosperous, these factors focus on human centered information security intertwining with the CIA security model involving all personnel to protect or disclose sensitive information.
Human-Centered Information Security Management
Information Security Specialists were a silo a decade ago and centralized. “The term ‘information security’ means protecting information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction in order to provide integrity, confidentiality, and availability.” (Greene, 2014, p. 65) At SVCC, it’s now everybody’s responsibility regardless of their job description or department within this agency.
In a data-oriented culture, SVCC have a top-down approach to information security that starts with executives and upper management, and flows down to the rest of the agency. We share a belief that having, understanding, and using certain kinds of data and information plays a critical role in the success of this agency.
“The se...

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...ncident, cyber incidents occur at computer speed, but the incident management takes place at human speed, another consideration that must be done in a secure audit.” (Paganini, 2012)
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Educational records in a physical medium contains sensitive information directly related to the student and are maintained by an agency or institution or parties acting in or on its behalf. “Most of the information on organization and most of the information people really care about-isn’t about computers.” (Davenport, 1994) These media include anything handwritten, printed, computer generated, videotaped, audiotape, microfilm, microfiche, e-Mail. Documents with sensitive information such as applications, financial aid correspondence, and human resources must be stored in fireproof cabinets. Record retention for these types of documents have a life span of 7 years.

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