Essay about Human and Inventions: The Computer Evolution

Essay about Human and Inventions: The Computer Evolution

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Since the beginning of time, humans have thought and made many inventions. Repeatedly the newer one is better than the older. Our minds have created many remarkable things, however the best invention we ever created is the computer. computers are constantly growing and becoming better every day. Every day computers are capable of doing new things. Even though computers have helped us a lot in our daily lives, many jobs have been lost because of it, now the computer can do all of the things a man can do in seconds! Everything in the world relies on computers and if a universal threat happens in which all computers just malfunction then we are doomed. Computers need to be programmed to be able to work or else it would just be a useless chunk of metal. And we humans need tools to be able to live; we program the computer and it could do a lot of necessary functions that have to be done. It is like a mutual effect between us and he computer (s01821169 1).
The entire world depends on computers and we always take answers from the computer because we think computers don't make mistakes. Even while I am typing this essay, the computer is helping me to get a result better than my results without the aid of a computer. it is said that the human mind will never be replaced by the computer because we are the ones that created them. we only know the computer wins is when it outsmarts us but till now, we are winning. Computers can calculate and evaluate problems that humans can barely think of, yet even come close to. Maybe mankind could calculate the problems that a computer can, they will always be solved way faster by the computer. Humans want the computers to do the work for them, thinking that sitting and watching everything being done in ...

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...on, adaptation, and planning for the future. The computer is unable to win because it cannot think like a human, and that is why we humans are smarter than computers to this day (The Daily Galaxy 1-3).
Our minds have created many remarkable things, however the best invention we ever created is the computer. The computer has helped us in many ways by saving time, giving accurate and precise results, also in many other things. but that does not mean that we should rely on the computer to do everything we can work with the computer to help us improve and at the same time improve the computer too. A lot of people believe that robots will behave like humans someday and will be walking on the earth just like us. There should be a limit for everything so that our world would remain peaceful and stable. At the end, we control the computers and they should not control us.

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