Essay about How Will The Next Generation Perceive The Role Of A Woman?

Essay about How Will The Next Generation Perceive The Role Of A Woman?

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As history and technology changes, the pre conceived notion, and mold for a woman’s role in society is drastically redesigned in accordance to what becomes deemed as socially accepted. From even as current as years of adolescence the “traditional” role of a housewife was instilled in youth, but when factors such as technology, and the economic collapse, these traditional roles were quickly discarded. Women now had to grasp the concept of supporting a family, and in some instances coming home to a stay at home husband due to lack of job demand, and with the rapid growth in technology and inescapable access to technology younger generations of women are no longer depending nor fixed on the notion of fulfilling a traditional mold. Instead with the development of social media platforms , blogs, and instant news these factors have invoked and rallied like minded individuals together and assured them that it is ok to stir away from the traditional norms. These changes also generate the question of how will the next generation perceive the role of a woman?
Social media and other digital tools are transforming the roles of women and girls across the world according to female policymakers, activists and tech leaders, and as a result man made traditions are deteriorating (Paul). It becomes difficult to sensor, filter, or manipulate a generation where youth are being exposed to technology at an extremely young age . Compared to older generations where as technology was evolving, so were their mental tolerances for technology. A survey, conducted by, asked 2,290 American parents who at least had one one child what kind of everyday technology items they 'd purchased for their children, and what age those children rece...

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In conclusion I believe that with a support in technology there will be drastic changes in the way, issues will be addressed. As the older generations are being pushed out of office the old way of thought and ration is going to be pushed out due to the needs of the country and shift in thinking. Traditional values are disappearing in some instances that is a negative instance but it is only viewed as a negative instance because we were conformed to a specific way of thinking that is constantly challenged every day. So how do I think the next generation will perceive women? I believe that we will view women as women with no stigma or negative connotation behind the idea or thought of a woman. Some may view this statement as naive or unrealistic , but individuals also throughout the course of history never predicted their to be computers or cellphones in every home.

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