How Wakan Tanka Created The World And Saw It Was Lonely And Made The Animals

How Wakan Tanka Created The World And Saw It Was Lonely And Made The Animals

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Wakan Tanka created the world and saw it was lonely and made the animals. The animals although they loved each other could not pick up after themselves and asked Wankan Tanka to make another being that would be bigger than them and can help oversee them and help keep their home clean and to be a friend to them and their home. Wakan Tanka agreed to make a being with purpose to serve the earth. He made him to be tall and hands to grasp, to clean the earth and to love the animals. He had legs to run to the animal’s side when they would be in danger, and he had eyes to see the world and all its beauty and to make sure its beauty stayed preserved.
When the being was made Wankan Tanka said, “You are called man and your duty is to love and nurture your mother earth. You may eat the fruit that grows and when there is a superfluous amount of animals you may eat them, but you must tell them why and thank them for their sacrifice and none of their body can go to waste. Your name shall be Cetan Luta.”
The man agreed and proceeded his duties as a man. Ina, The spirit of the earth, came to visit Cetan Luta and he gave her all his love and affection while she was there. She told him, “Treat me, your earth and all that dwells thereon with respect, remain close to Wankan Tanka, show respect to your fellow beings, work together with the children I will bear to benefit all mankind. Give assistance and kindness wherever needed. Do what you know to be right. Look after the well being of your mind and body and dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good. Be truthful and honest at all times. Take full responsibility for your actions. Follow these rules I have given you tonight, Cetan Luta and you will not be harmed.” He promised and togeth...

... middle of paper ... children and for my children 's children-the unborn.¨ When that was said the children of Cetan Luta began to love the earth and follow what their father had said and the earth grew and the animals lived the most joyous of lives and the trees grew and became the reason the earth was so tranquil and Ina came and to the earth and stayed with her children and Cetan Luta and together they nourished the earth.
Moral: With Cetan Luta not keeping his promise the animals became scarce and his children followed in his footsteps. Also known as ¨monkey see, monkey do.¨ With Cetan Luta keeping his promise his love, Ina came to the world and stayed with him and the world grew with people, trees, and animals. So, if you keep your promises god things will come, like Karma.
Lakota Translations:
Cetan Luta- Red Hawk
Ina- mother
Wakan Tanka: Great Mystery, The divine, The sacred, God

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