How Vaccinations Should Be Administered Essay

How Vaccinations Should Be Administered Essay

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knowledge the physicians of the civil war gain from this experience impacted medicine positively because it shaped how vaccinations should be administered.
Malaria is another disease that affected the soldiers of the Civil War and the knowledge the physicians and surgeons gained from dealing with the disease impacted medicine positively. Malaria is a life-threatening disease that is caused by four species of a single-celled parasite called plasmodium, this disease is carried by Anopheles mosquitoes. Malaria patients may “suffer jaundice, severe recurrent fever and chills, headache, vomiting, and diarrhea” During the war the soldiers who went closer to places that have more water, experienced a higher rate of contracting malaria. “As more and more troops gathered about Washington, at Cairo, other river towns, the malaria rate rose steeply from approximately 3 percent in August to more than 6 percent in September.” However, they treated malaria with routine doses of quinine, many of the soldiers with bad cases of malaria were treated every two hours for six hours with three to five doses of the drug. This type of treatment from the Civil War physicians impacted medicine positively because this is seen as a high regard for drugs, as a form of treatment for that generation.
Another disease that affected the soldiers was gangrene, the science of bacteriology was slowly progressing in order to treat disease. According to Devine about 2,642 cases of gangrene were reported. During the Civil War the physicians believed that gangrene was caused by some strands of streptococci, after the war bacteria gangrene became known as ‘gas gangrene’ and soldiers needed to be isolated. Gangrene was contagious, they blamed this on poorly ventilated...

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...ape how drugs were used to treat patients. Furthermore, Adams wrote “thanks to the hygienic and sanitary precautions of the Army, these adversaries proved less formidable than expected.” These precautions helped treatment procedures of dysentery, typhoid, malaria and other diseases which impacted medicine positively because the treatment methods that they used such as sanitary procedures help to reduce the spread of infections.
In conclusion, the civil impacted medicine negatively in ways, such as the misconception of diseases and due to the fact that medicine did not reach a stage to provide certain insights of diseases. Furthermore, amputations lead to more infections.However, the Civil War impacted medicine positively on many occasions such as vaccinations, the recognition of the use of drugs and antiseptic techniques that was widely used to treat the soldiers.

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