Essay about How to Tell If Your Love Is a Real Treasure or Real Rubbish

Essay about How to Tell If Your Love Is a Real Treasure or Real Rubbish

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True love is one of the most genuine, not to mention precious feelings in the world. In Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet, a pair of lovers denotes the strength of true love and it's ability to overcome nearly all obstacles. However, this kind of love is a rarity due to it's pureness but somehow many cheap imitations are still mistaken for real love. Romeo and Juliet's love is authentic and by no means an infatuation seeing as first of all, they both risk their lives to see each other and would rather die than be separated. Juliet also has an unusual level of loyalty towards her partner for her age which supports the idea of true love. In addition, throughout the play, Romeo's demeanour starts to change and he begins to mature in a considerably short period of time. Young love is a petty sentiment nonetheless when it develops into a fully-fledged unconditional love, both partners will begin to evolve and will do nearly anything for the other.
There are many situations in which either Romeo or Juliet endangers their lives in order to meet up privately while being fully aware of the consequences resulting from someone discovering their affair. One of the more memorable moments is when Romeo climbs over the stone wall to spy on Juliet while risking the chance of being seen and killed on sight by one of her kinsmen. In fact, both Romeo and Juliet are aware of the stakes that Romeo gambles with in order to see Juliet: “The orchard walls are high and hard to climb/And the place of death, considering who thou art/If any of my kinsmen find thee here” (2.2.63-65). This moment in the play allows Romeo to evince the measures he is inclined to take to even just catch a glimpse of her. He stresses his longing to be with her and even decl...

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...n this couple through the measures they take to benefit the other and also through the transformations that are unconsciously brought upon both themselves and the people that are present in their lives. Romeo and Juliet imperil their lives to have the opportunity to spend time together no matter what the cost is and put each other before their own families. As a wife, Juliet's loyalty regarding Romeo is constant and unwavering because she acquires her devotion off the tenaciousness of her love and is therefore able to stay strong even through her most difficult moments in the play. On top of this, Romeo's attitude towards life begins to change due to the authenticity of the couple's love. Given these points, Romeo and Juliet's love is irrefutably heartfelt and

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