How to Prevent Chronic Disease Essay

How to Prevent Chronic Disease Essay

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A statistic from World Health Organization indicates that 60% of deaths are caused by chronic diseases. This is related to the increase of affluence and sedentary lifestyle. If we continue living this lifestyle, it will be easier for us to get the diseases. In this fast pace lifestyle, we are always on the go. We usually choose to eat food without thinking much about the food content but just thinking about filling our stomach. Apart from food consumption factor, family history and polluted surroundings are also the major causes of the chronic diseases. However, there are some key chronic disease prevention steps we can take such as we should practice a healthy lifestyle, perform regular health check and reduce the risk factor from chronic disease. It seems that the prevention steps are common, but not many people know that the steps above can help us to stay healthy and reduce the risks of getting the diseases.
Practice a healthy lifestyle is the most important step to prevent chronic disease, which means this step need to carry out as routine activity. For instance, we need to do regular physical activity at least 25 minutes per day as to make sure our weight is in balanced condition and the chances of developing chronic disease can be decrease. However, the physical activity is not only doing heavy exercise in the gym, but things like walking, housekeeping, gardening are also count as exercises that can give us a lot of benefit. Besides, to have well-balanced diets, there are three steps that can be done. Firstly, we should eat a variety of food from each level of the Food Guide Pyramid to ensure that we get all the nutrition for our body. Then, plan and prepare healthy meals before taking it. Lastly, read food labels to ...

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...g the diseases. Everyone is urged to follow the steps above to have a healthy lifestyle.

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