Essay on How Technology Is Changing The Face Of Culture

Essay on How Technology Is Changing The Face Of Culture

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Entering the classroom on the first day of the semester, I wasn’t sure what to expect. To be honest, I wasn’t even sure what Anthropology was. That is why I found it fitting to write my first reaction paper on pairing one. Before digging into anything else, I find it important to know and understand anthropology and culture, in order to obtain success in this class. In this paper I would like to focus on in what ways the videos have advanced my understanding, how these videos relate to one another, and how technology is changing the face of culture around the world.
These videos have surely advanced my understanding, considering I walked into this class without any understanding. In the Nature of Anthropology, I discovered that Anthropology was the Study of Humans, understanding that has set a foundation for me to begin to grow in knowledge this semester. I really liked the way they explained that food, shelter, sex, self-expression, law and order, resolving conflicts, and curing illnesses, are things all cultures have in common. Knowing the things that I have in common with people that are very different than me, helps me to relate to them better. All of the videos at one point or another mention one of these topics – for instance, in video three, it was mentioned how when the anthropologist fell ill his tribal friend tried to cure him. The same applied when the tribal man became ill, the anthropologist tried to give him medicine. Watching The Nature of Culture, it was expressed that culture is what makes humans flourish, a set of values, beliefs, practices and social organizations. I appreciate the clarity in this statement as it helps me to better understand how anthropologist define culture. Lastly, in How Cultures are Studied...

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...nt world, would have to agree with her. This is evident in the US, a country that was once filled with hard working people, are now facing obesity along with many other issues, in large due to technology.
Anthropologist say that culture tells us not only to survive but how to survive. That our truths are brought forth to us by our God and ancestors. These cultural beliefs are amazingly integrated and passed down to our children. This is so evident even in my own life, in class you mentioned our culture wearing glasses on our heads, I do the same thing and my 10 year old daughter does as well – it’s something that is done naturally. Things like this are so integrated that it goes unnoticed unless someone points it out. Now that I understand the nature of anthropology, the nature of culture, and how it is studied, I look forward to seeing what is to come in this class.

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