How Taro Doesn 't Have A Job As Of Now Essay

How Taro Doesn 't Have A Job As Of Now Essay

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[b][u]Name:[/u][/b] Taro Yoshizawa

[b][u]Age:[/u][/b] 16

[b][u]Gender:[/u][/b] Male

[b][u]School/Occupation:[/u][/b] Kasuhayashi High School in class 2-1. Taro doesn 't have a job as of now.

[b][u]Clubs:[/u][/b] Kendo Club

[b][u]Interests/Hobbies:[/u][/b] When he 's not practicing Kendo Taro plays his video game. He especially loves survival horror and role-playing games. Taro also takes interest in horror novels and movies.

[b][u]Appearance:[/u][/b] Taro has a tan skin. He is also slightly chubby but, overall have a below-advantage body builds. He has brown eyes. Black curly hair. His face has a few pimples on it. He never cared for fashion, though long-sleeve shirts bothers him. Other than that he would wear anything consists of short-sleeve shirts, sweatpants, and a special pendant. He would often sleep shirtless when in bed. Taro would wear his school uniform Along with his pendant on a school day.

[b][u]Personality:[/u][/b] Taro had difficulty with socialization. He often shy around people he 's not used to, and talk in low tones and often stutter. Most of the time he doesn 't even look at someone with eye contact, or struggle to do so. When he is talking to someone he knows very well, then he 's a lot more social. That doesn 't mean Taro Trust anyone he meets. He has A very hard time trusting someone and get mad if he has been asked a personal question.

If he does trust anyone, he 's incredibly loyal and would risk his life to protect him/her. He held a special Pendant that his dad gave him before he passed away. Taro very overprotective over it and would do anything to get it back. Despite all this, Taro is a kindhearted person even though he doesn 't show it.

[b][u]History:[/u][/b] Taro was born in Hakodate in ...

... middle of paper ...

...loor next to him. He then laid back on the bed with a yawn. Suddenly his phone that was in his pocket started ringing. He reached for his phone and answered it.

“Hello?” Taro answered.

“Hey Taro. How everything?” His mother asked.

“Oh hi Mom. Everything 's fine,” Taro replied.

“That 's good. Do you have everything ready for school?” His mom asked again.

“Yep, Got everything in my bag,” Taro Said with a smile.

“How about your uniform?” She questioned.

“Mom, relax. I got everything,” Taro reassured.

“Alright, well call me if anything happens alright? Bye,” She then hung up..

Tired, he put his phone back into his pocket. [i]”I had better get to bed.”[/i] He then took his pendent of and his shirt. He then put the Pendent back on, making sure he that part of his father is with him. He then relaxed his muscle and closed his eyes..

[i]Good night dad[/i] [/spoiler]

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