How Social Systems Affect Your Ecosystem At A Micro And Macro Level Essay

How Social Systems Affect Your Ecosystem At A Micro And Macro Level Essay

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As a social worker, when assessing clients it is important to look at how social systems directly impact every aspect of their ecosystem. This can be done by looking at every level. According to Turner (1974), there are two major levels to observe, which includes micro and macro. These levels of social work practice overlay and affect each other, so it is important to understand how each level directly impacts a person. While assessing an individual’s environment the information assessed includes family structure, boundaries, roles changes and environmental supports. An individual’s environment is always changing and because of this, every aspect of the ecosystem can change. This paper will look at how completing an MSW program impacts my ecosystem at a micro and macro level.
One theory that has considerable significance at both the micro and macro levels is Systems Theory. Systems Theory states that there are multiple complex systems of any unit, which encompasses the person-in environment (Friedman & Neuman, 2011). Understanding the many components and dynamics helps to distinguish the individual and their environments at both micro and macro levels. Another factor to address when assessing the person-in environment is the individual and the family, which is known as Family Systems Theory. This theory suggests that individuals cannot be understood in isolation, but instead as a part of their family because the family is an expressive unit that has rules and boundaries in place (Friedman & Neuman, 2011).
Currently, my family structure includes my fiancé and me. We are at this time in the Family Life Cycle of joining families. According to McGoldrick (2011), during this stage we are creating our new marital system and trying t...

... middle of paper ...

... identify as a boundary. This boundary is permeable because once I am done with school I will be able to expand my friend group due to having more time.
Overall, completing my eco map has given me a chance to examine my life and how all my subsystems impact me. Obtaining my MSW has directly affected every aspect of my eco system, primarily my social system. Through completing my eco map I realized how valuable of a tool an eco map can be when working with clients on goals. It is important to understand how social systems directly impact every aspect of their ecosystem. This tool can be used to show the mixture of subsystems that can affect client’s attempts to achieve goals. Through this assignment I have gained a better understanding of how looking from an ecosystems perspective can help improve my understanding of person-in-environment interactions.

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