How Slaves Shaped America. Essay examples

How Slaves Shaped America. Essay examples

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How Slaves Shaped America
Slaves began coming to America in the year of 1619. Slaves first arrived in the Colony of Jamestown and from that slavery spread throughout the American colonies. Since then, slaves have been coming to America in large numbers such as when the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade started. During the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade an estimated of “25 to 30 million people, men, women and children, were deported from their homes and sold as slaves” (Transatlantic Slave Trade). With as many slaves that have been coming to the America, they have also had a great impact on what makes America the way it is today. Slaves built America’s economy, fought during the American Revolution, affected politics, affected religion in the U.S, and their culture was added to the American culture, as they helped make the United States the way it is today.
Slaves helped build the economy in the early stages of America by mainly providing cheap and efficient labor. Many of the slaves brought to America were bought by large plantation owners. The jobs of slaves on large plantations could vary from working on the fields of the plantation or they could be a house slave taking care of the owner of the plantation. “Field work might consist of plowing, weeding, planting, and tending tobacco, corn, cotton, sugar cane, tomatoes, or other vegetables. Inside work might include cooking, cleaning, babysitting, and similar tasks” (Pavao). Many slaves worked in towns also, working as artisans, and they were cheap labor to the owners of the business. The reason slaves helped build the economy was that slaves could be bought cheaply at a slave auction, a place where the slave is put on a stand and sold as property, and then the new owner could make the sla...

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...teenth. These Amendments allowed African Americans to be free, vote, and makes them citizens in the United States.
African Americans were shipped to the United States in mass numbers. They had lived through many struggles such as cruel plantation owners and being taken from their homeland. Slaves were viewed down upon by most everyone in the United States and now African Americans are viewed as equals. They fought for their freedom and so did half of the country and in doing so it almost divided the country. With all of that slaves were the biggest reason why America is the way it is today. They help make the United States and economic power, they changed religious views, they helped shaped American culture, they had a major effect on U.S. politics, and lastly they helped the Americas win during the American Revolution which separated the United States from England.

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