How Schools Are Failing Students With Disabilities Essay

How Schools Are Failing Students With Disabilities Essay

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Throughout this semester I have been determined to engage with this course as a whole. I have attended and engaged with all lectures, tutorials and excursions. This is not because I have had to attend but because I have never been this interested and motivated to attend. In addition to this I have followed up on my learning by looking further into inclusivity. I have done this by reading the articles and resources that have been provided by Peter and Richard on Black Board and in class, such as the Welcome to Holland article and the articles outlining how schools are failing students with disabilities.
I have contributed to every tutorial and have therefore taken an active role in this semester. In each session I have collaborated with others, I have asked questions to clarify my understanding of inclusivity and I have ensured that I am a valued member of this class. Each week, both in class and out, I have tried my hardest to take on what I have learnt in this course and be an inclusive person. Whether that is when I am working with my peers in a group, teaching students in a classroom (on placement or as a teacher assistant) or even talking with my friends and family. This course has made me realise the significance of being an inclusive member of the community.
In terms of my academic commitment, I have ensured that the completion and submission of my assessments has been prompt. I have organised myself in a way that has made the course content manageable and useful. I have gone beyond the requirements in regards to my own professional development by reflecting on my on inclusivity both as a student and as a teacher. I have retraced through my four years of education to search for evidence of my inclusivity. The information th...

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...ies Peter has shared about his own and others experiences with inclusivity, as well as our special guest teachers and teacher’s aides who shared their experiences inspired me to be the better teacher; to be an inclusive teacher. Lastly and maybe most importantly our special guest lecturer, Maria, in lecture 4 and her daughters. This lecture was particularly influential to my growth. The experiences that were shared in that lecture encouraged me to see the importance of inclusivity within the classroom as well as upholding an inclusive relationship with the people that surround my primary learners.
Now, coming into the end of the semester and with all that this course has shown me, I can confidently say that I am ready to be an inclusive teacher. I am and always will be a devoted, passionate and adaptable teacher.
It is for these reasons that I am deserving of a HD.

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