Essay on How Saksit Suetrong Uses Lean Manufacturing For Engineering Prosperity

Essay on How Saksit Suetrong Uses Lean Manufacturing For Engineering Prosperity

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How Saksit Suetrong Uses Lean Manufacturing for Engineering Prosperity
With a world of responsibility on his shoulders, Saksit Suetrong, the CEO of iA-Robotics, is well aware of how important lean manufacturing can be. Striving to always use this Japanese based business philosophy has kept Suetrong profitable in all of his ventures.
Lean manufacturing, sometimes called lean production, is the concept of only using the valuable and necessary resources when creating a product and leaving everything else aside. The original idea was implemented by Toyota, but has caught on in many industries.
To effectively operate a lean manufacturing production line, a company must remove the waste or Muda within their production facility. The Japanese term Muda, literally translates to futility or wastefulness. Sometimes the waste found in a company is due to a lack of continuity. If the process is not standardized to constantly create the same quality of production, there is an over burden on the system. This overburden is called Muri.
The final concept related to lean manufacturing is Mura, which is the ability of a production facility to only have on hand enough products or pieces necessary to complete a job. This is not to say that the facility should run short handed. It is a delicate balance between having too much product sitting around being wasted, and having too little product available when needed.
Saksit Suetrong has learned that to develop a working lean manufacturing system, he must start simple and stay organized. Once a system is designed it must be reevaluated often, ensuring that adjustments are made where necessary, and any Muda, Muri, and Mura are removed as soon as possible.
12. CEO Saksit Suetrong and the SCADA System
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...etween Los Angeles and San Diego, both major business hubs in their own right. Two major freeways also run through the city, ensuring a large amount of traveling traffic.
The area plays host to a wide variety of manufacturing businesses, though iA-Robotics is definitely their most productive. Others in the region include Paulson Manufacturing, Heliopower, Waterstone Faucet Manufacturing, and Medical Extrusion Technologies.
As Saksit Suetrong continues to grow and expand his global robotics engineering business, the city of Murrieta is set to benefit further from him unique innovations and dedication to technological advancements in the automated industry.
About: iA-Robotics is an automated robotics engineering company based out of California. Their CEO and lead Robotics Engineer, Saksit Suetrong offers a wealth of experience, knowledge, and innovation to the industry.

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