Essay on How Recruiters Use Social Media

Essay on How Recruiters Use Social Media

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Recruiting and hiring for vacant or newly created positions has changed over the past 5 years. Recruiters now have various new options for posting and advertising for these positions. Just as there are numerous ways to advertise there are various ways for recruiters to screen and find potential candidates. In this paper I will explore how social media offers new options that recruiters now have compared to what they had in years past. There will also be a discussion about how recruiters use social media and what needs to be done to avoid legal pitfalls, specifically avoiding discrimination of certain protected classes.
The internet has opened new avenues for companies in regards to finding new candidates for filling vacant of newly created jobs. Companies now have their own websites where they can list current job opening. In addition, there are multiple job boards such as and There’s even the option of social media sites such like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn where companies can post information about their company and current job offerings. In the past companies would rely on placing a want ad in the local newspaper or in a widely circulated industry magazine or journal, then they would wait for the applications and resumes to arrive via mail or hand delivery. The “old recruiting paradigm, aimed primarily at active candidates, was predominantly a ‘spray and pray’ method. The tools of the trade were want ads, paper applications, resumes, phone calls, face-to-face networking, and so forth. Employers sprayed want ads across pages of print media, and job seekers sprayed large numbers of resumes in the direction of potential employers; both prayed for good results.” (Joos, 2008) While these met...

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...HR professionals, but can be a dangerous ‘foe’ when used inappropriately.” (Davison, Maraist, & Bing, 2011) As long a recruiters apply uniform reviewing techniques social media can be successfully to help in hiring qualified individuals that will meet the needs of the company.

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