How Real Is Reality TV Based on the Example of Big Brother

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How real is reality TV Reality TV is a great way to enjoy a night and have a good laugh. Big Brother is an example of a reality TV show that is not completely real because of the fact they have selective casting, editing and character representation. Big Brother is set in Dream World, Gold Coast and it was created first in 2001 and aired on channel 10 for 7 years before being bought by channel nine and has been airing there since 2012. It is set in a large house that 4 to 16 people are put in and they have to live together for a set amount of time. Reality TV shows are given the aspect of being ‘real’ because they have placed people in a situation that they have to live in for 101 days and live of the challenges they are given. Selective casting is when contestants audition for a spot in the show and the producers would pick the people that are very spontaneous and funny and some people that mix well and some that don’t. The purpose for selective casting is to get an interesting group of people that give them ratings and therefore more money. It is used in big brother to make sure...

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