How Public Policy Shaped How The Civil War Essay

How Public Policy Shaped How The Civil War Essay

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Question: How has public policy shaped how the The Civil War’s causes have been taught?
A.Plan of Investigation
History is ugly: It is filled with Repression, Slavery, Genocide, and other terrifying calamities done by mankind. American History is especially filled with these atrocities, our brutal enslavement of Africans, the limiting of women’s rights, our genocide of Native Americans. When looking at The History of America 's there is a theme of revisionist history: how America as it changed politically it taught history differently. In the late 1800’s in school kids were taught that slavery is what caused the Civil War. In the 1920’s, America got more racist, as evidence by its large depiction of “Tar Babies” the teaching of the subject changed, saying it was more due to economic pressure. With a modern example, Texas’s new history books remove a good deal of the history of slavery and removing references to The KKK and Jim Crow Laws entirely. Generations are shaped by the history before them, and how they are taught history shapes how they will develop their own beliefs. This brings in the question; How has American History been taught, and can it be tracked through each change?
The plan of investigation is to look at various voting records from the mid 1800’s, look at the laws in certain states for liberal versus conservative swings, view the laws at each stage of inclusion of different people in the vote, and then looking at the history books being used from every time period. This will also be done through interviews with teachers from the more recent eras. Two sources that will be used are the American voting records provided by the United States Census Bureau to track voting and educational attainment. This will be us...

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...s, documented by the US census and voting patterns, directly correlate to the pew research and gallup poll on the changing education upon the causation of the Civil War.
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E. Conclusion
The conclusion from the evidence and the quality of the sources is that public policy does shape how the Civil War’s causes are taught due mainly to the fact that school boards are elected in most American States. This change of teaching causality of the Civil War is shaped by the country’s cultural leanings of liberal and conservative.Through every swing of liberal and conservative the topic is taught differently, as with liberal swings, such as the 1890’s, 1930’s, and 1970’s, the tendency is to blame slavery as the cause for the civil war, on more conservative swings, the 1920’s, 1950’s, and 2000’s, where the blame is placed on economics and states rights.
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