Essay on How Pseudoscience Is Not Proven True?

Essay on How Pseudoscience Is Not Proven True?

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Pseudoscience Paper
In today’s world, where every person has an outlet to voice their opinion, the public often falls prey to a practice that is known as pseudoscience. Pseudoscience can be defined as a belief or process which masquerades as science in an attempt to claim a legitimacy which it would not otherwise be able to achieve on its own terms. Another thought that comes alongside of the belief in pseudoscience is naïve realism which is the belief that we see the world exactly as it is (CITE BOOK) If a person believes in a scientific product or belief not proven true by science, then they have become subject to naïve realism. These two work together to endeavor to convince the consumer of their false hypothesis. Many people fall into the traps of pseudoscience with the error of belief perseverance. Belief perseverance is the tendency to stick to one’s initial beliefs. Even if they have not found any actual evidence that the product has produced a change in their life, they continue to use it, and believe that it works.
The brand Q-Ray can be considered a pseudoscience. The claim is that they are made to access the “fourteen meridians” of the body. It also makes mention of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the effects that has on the human body as opposed to modern medicine. Throughout the entirety of the Q-Ray website, there is no solid mention of what the bracelet actually contains that will aid in health and wellness. The company suggests that the bracelet has the same effect as acupuncture if worn correctly. Since there is no solid explanation of what the bracelet contains, the hypothesis that it will aid in all areas of the body’s wellbeing cannot be proved. There is not substantial scientific evidence to make the clai...

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... well rounded in their health is the use of psychobabble. In the description of the bracelet, the phrase “Qi” is used. To most who are in search of health and wellness, a phrase that is uncommon in society, but sounds scientific can become a pit fall. The Q-Ray company is attempting to dupe its customers into thinking they are buying a scientifically proven product that will be of help to their state of wellbeing. The use of seeming scientific words is a way to fool unsuspecting, trusting people.
The Q-Ray bracelet is a product that claims to organize the body’s energy by using the alleged meridians throughout the body. The meridians, correctly in line with the bracelet’s openings, should send positive energy throughout the body. Although the product seems appealing and beneficial at first glance, there is no scientific evidence that proves the exaggerated promises.

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