Essay on How Parents Working Affect Children

Essay on How Parents Working Affect Children

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Both Working Parents Need to Spend More Time with Their Children.

How often parents spend their time with their children? In reality, parents these days spend most of their time working, because of that parents did not spend quality time with their children. In my point of view, having only one parent working could be the best way to spend time with their children. When I was a child, I was affected by my parents because they were too busy to spend time with me. Therefore, not spending enough time with their children could leads some serious consequences. Not spending enough time with their children can caused them into depression, feeling insecure and upset, and parents’ chaos.
Firstly, not spending enough time with their children could lead them into depression. In the article “How Does Both Parents Working Affect Children” from 2013, Haydee Comacho says “when the children feel insecurity, they might attempt to compensate for the attention they are lacking.” Do you have this situation when you feel insecure, and you want to hug a pillow to bed? In my memory, when I was a junior high school student, I’m always alone all by myself especially after school. I could only meet my parents once a week because they were super busy with work. This feeling was very bad even until I grown up, and I can’t never forget the memory. I felt lonely, I always eat dinner, watch television, sleep and doing homework by myself. The house was too quiet so I did not switch off the television all night because the voice from the television made me feel better. I could imagine and feel someone accompany me. I also did not switch off the light as well when I go to bed because it made me feel more secure. Until today, I still prefer being like this. As y...

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...heir children, because having only one parent working could avoid their children feeling depressed, insecure and facing family chaos. Parents should never let your children feel lonely, I really don’t like staying at home only by myself whenever I finished class. On top of that, parents need to pay extra attention to their children especially when they talked to you. Honestly, I really want to talk with my parents about what happened in my school but they always neglect me and did not listen to me when I speak. Finally, parents should never lose your temper to your children even you feel stressful at anytime. Sometimes I really hate why my parents losing temper to me without me knowing the reason. I know my parents try to give me the best, living in material life but if I can choose, I wish I could pay more money in order to exchange my parents time to spend with me.

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