How Natives Americans Were Impacted By The Discovery Of Gold And Other Natural Resources

How Natives Americans Were Impacted By The Discovery Of Gold And Other Natural Resources

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According to National Conference of State Legislatures as February 2015 there are 566 tribes federally recognized. Out of those 566 California alone has 112 tribes that are recognized by the State of California. Today my report will cover how Natives Americans were impacted by the discovery of gold and other natural resources in California. We have Chumash tribe which was a tribe located on the coast in the Santa Barbra area. They loved to hunt for fish, otters and deer before they had any contact with Europeans. They used small little canoes called tomols to hunt for fish and other game. They had roughly 150 villages which was believed that they traded amongst each other like beads, seashells and fish cuisines. This was around the 1300-1400’s when California had plenty of resources to sustain their way of living. In 1542 European captain by the name of Juan Cabrillo came across the Chumash tribe and that meeting would soon be the start of something horrible for the Natives of California. That’s when the Spaniards returned in 1772 with their religious beliefs and built missions to convert the Natives for the land and lay claim in the name of the Spanish Crown. They also brought diseases such as such as measles, smallpox, and tuberculosis, and other many others. The Spaniards lost control of California 1821 which left them without and funding from the Spanish King. This lead to Chumash Revolt of 1824 when Spaniards failed to Christianize the Native and felt betrayed by their King. They severely beat young Chumash boy who was visiting relatives in the mission out of pure anger towards their Spanish King. The Yumas tribe joined in on Chumash in its Independence from Spaniard rule. Now we talk about another tribe called the Kumeyaay w...

... middle of paper ... never revealed so the called him Ishi from then on. He lived at UC Berkeley for 5 years while the researched much about his tribe and how they had survived it the wilderness for so long with little contact with the outside world. On March 15, 1916 Ishi Died according to Kroeber of tuberculosis he was cremated but his brain was preserved and sent to the Smithsonian for future studies. As for Waterman he later wrote a Biography about his encounters with Ishi The Last Wild Indian in North America. So as my report comes to an end I find that no matter how California came to be a state it once had natural beauty and had its earliest Americans know as the Native Americans. Maybe a loss of Native Americans but they shall never be forgotten and we a society must grow to understand that this land once belong to them and sustained the ones who lived in tune with earth.

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