How Learning A Second Language Affect A Children 's Biological, Cognitive, And Linguistic Development

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Nowadays people get married to their significant other who might be a different race or color. A Caucasian male can get married to an African American female and vice versa. People from different cultures, different language speaking individuals get married as well. Now for those with babies or those that are about to have babies might be wondering whether they should expose their children to more than one language because their mother would want their child to know the language she speaks and the father would want the same. This article is for those parents who want to know how learning a second language can affect a children’s biological, cognitive, and linguistic development. Cognitive development refers to the development of the ability of think and reason. Learning a second language will definitely change the way your child will see the world. A recent study found that bilinguals get the best of both worldviews because knowing different languages enables them to think more flexible. A psycholinguist named Panos Athanasopoulos from Lancaster University in the United Kingdom was intrigued about the possibility of how English and German speakers would treat events that happened. They found that German speakers will emphasize on the beginnings, middles, and ends of events while English speakers leave out endpoints and just focus on the action. During this study they found out that German speakers focus on the possible outcomes of people’s actions whereas English speakers pay more attention to the action itself. Now you might be wondering what about bilingual speakers? They were able to switch between those different perspective based on which language was most active in their mind. So people that are able to speak more than on... ... middle of paper ... ...oth languages at the same rate and not one better than another. Parents need to be careful though and make sure that the child is exposed to both languages equally because if the child is exposed to one more than the other, they may start dropping the language they are less exposed to. Second way is sequential, that is when the child is already exposed to one language but is then introduced to another. Example of that is a child who speaks English but when he/she attends school and has to learn French. Some of the practices parents can take to help their child out in learning a second language is choosing a system of education which promotes bilingualism, take time out of their day to help them learn and even speak to them in different languages if the parent is bilingual. By doing these things, your child will have more employment opportunities in different parts of
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