Essay about How Immigrants Are Viewed And Treated Like They Are Beneath Citizens

Essay about How Immigrants Are Viewed And Treated Like They Are Beneath Citizens

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The way immigrants are viewed and treated like they are beneath citizens, an immigrant’s past traumatic experiences, and the services and laws that hinder immigrants are all elements that characterizes the immigrant experience.

One element that greatly affects an immigrant’s experience in a new country is how they are viewed and treated by the people of that country. In the article President Obama: “Immigrants and Refugees Revitalize and Renew America”, President Obama is giving a speech at a naturalization ceremony in Washington, DC. He is welcoming new citizens from many different countries. Immigration being a popular topic in America today, President Obama brought some good points about it to our attention. In the speech, President Obama talks about how everyone’s ancestors, unless Native American, have once been an immigrant and how “quickly we forget this” and how we don’t remember “we used to be ‘them’” (Garunay, “President Obama: ‘Immigrants and Refugees”) President Obama is expressing to us that once either us or our ancestors were just like or similar to the immigrants entering our country. We need to treat them as equals and not forget that we were once in their same position. He “feels” for them and recognizes that their safety and importance is equal to any citizen’s. Another example of people’s views and attitudes towards immigrants, affecting their experience in America is when Virgie Mae begins to speak very disrespectfully about immigrants who come to America. Virgie was an elderly woman who lived with her good friend Edna Poppy who regularly looked after Turtle and Dwayne Ray. Virgie Mae, Edna, Esperanza, Estevan, Taylor, Lou Ann, Turtle, and Dwayne Ray were all eating dinner at Taylor’s house. Virgie b...

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...l be eventually deported to a place much worse than a simple jail cell. Because of the consequences of being caught as an undocumented immigrant, immigrants are destined to live a safer but extremely fearful life in the U.S. Another example of laws and services that hinder immigrants, is in the video “Syrian Family Resettled in U.S. sees future for their Children.” Mohamed and Amira are a married couple who moved from Syria, with their three children, to America because they wanted to escape danger such as raids, kidnapping, and the safety of their children. After registering with the UNHCR (United Nations Commissioner for Refugees), they whole family is sent to New Jersey and is given help from the government and the Church World Service. Their family, and other refugees just like them, received health care, food stamps. ESL classes, and money for months. (“Syria”)

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