Essay on How Health Am I? A Reflection on All Aspects of My Health

Essay on How Health Am I? A Reflection on All Aspects of My Health

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How Healthy Am I?
My Physical Health:
Physical health is an essential part of overall health. Physical health makes an individual mechanically fit to carry out his/her daily activities without problem. It is when you have good metabolism, healthy organs and free from illness, injury or pain.
This is an important area of health because regular physical activity keeps your body functioning properly. If you perform sufficient physical activity, you can manage your body weight better, reduce your risk of heart attacks, diabetes, some cancers, high blood pressure, have stronger bones, joint and muscles while feeling energetic, happy, relaxed and sleep better.
The positive aspects of my physical health are a healthy immune system, sufficient physical exercise, healthy diet and performing forms of relaxation and stress relief every day. I have a healthy diet thanks to my pedantic mother. I am very hygienic; this protects me against illnesses and unwanted infections.
The negative aspect of my physical health is my sleeping patterns. 8 hours of sleep for me is not consistent, especially when I have many school assessments and tutoring lessons outside of school. Managing school assessments, piano tutorials and theory, sport, tutoring and outside of school activities can be quite stressful.
Ways I can improve my Physical health: The only reason I sleep late is because of my homework and tutoring lessons. I have some solutions I’ve applied during this year. I have stopped activities such as art class, talked to my tutoring and piano teachers about my school work, don’t procrastinate, give myself hope and informing my parents about my busy schedule.
My Social Health:
Social Health is your interactions with other people, how other people ...

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...fe and help us live with positive and ethical thoughts.
The positive aspects of my Spiritual health are looking forward to what life offers now and in the future and believing that everyone has something to offer in life. I believe that because I think everyone is important and has their rights.
The negative aspects of my Spiritual health are believing my life is worthwhile and feeling that I have my place in the world is because sometimes we feel depressed after difficult things occur. Sometimes people are annoying or don’t treat you properly and I feel that not all people and living things have an important place on this earth.
Ways I can improve my Spiritual health are thinking positive thoughts, smiling more often, look forward to the light at t he end of the tunnel, recalling happy memories, treating everyone fairly and trying my best to be a positive person.

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