Essay about How EE Cumming's Experiences Influences His Poetry

Essay about How EE Cumming's Experiences Influences His Poetry

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EE Cummings was and is still one of the most well-regarded and unique poets of all time. His poems were unusual, but his strange way of writing is what grabbed people’s attention and made him so special. Many incidents in Cummings’ life affected his poetry, his experiences and his personality, which could clearly be observed in the poems he wrote. Cummings became such a well-known poet due to the effect of his life events on his poetry, his peculiar writing style and his strong connection with the topics of love and lust. The struggles and successes of his life developed his poetry in a huge manner.
EE Cummings lived during a very eventful and historic era. He was born on October 14, 1894 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. When he was a kid, his mother instilled a love of language and play into him, beginning his journey of poetry. Owing to his mother, he began writing poems at the age of 10 and he studied Latin and Greek, which would later improve his knowledge and use of the English language. His early exposure to the world of poetry strengthened his love for it and made it such a huge part of his life. By starting at a young age, he was able to progress a lot and continuously improve his writing. He grew a passion for writing and putting all his thoughts and emotions on paper because he was able to express his feelings. After high school, he went on to get Bachelors in Art and a Masters in Art at the age of 22, both from Harvard. Exploring the English language and the art of poetry made his adoration for it even stronger. This is because he was able to dive deeper into the world of arts and learn everything there is to find out about it. He took all this knowledge and information that he had learned and applied it to publish a selec...

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...y flowers” are what makes this line so effective due to what it is representing. The word “merry” is symbolizing delight and glee. The word “flowers” symbolizes liveliness and high-spirit. What these two words symbolize is what the woman makes Cummings feel. Therefore, by using the symbolism, readers are able to better understand the feelings that the author is trying to express.
The unusual poetry of EE Cummings was heavily impacted by the events of his life, whether they were glorious or terrible, and the poems were usually connected to the topics of love and lust. By using his experiences as inspiration to his writing, he was able to show significant amounts of emotion. This emotion was conveyed through his unique and one of a kind writing style. EE Cummings will forever leave a legacy in the world of poetry because of how special both him and his writing were.

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