How Does Jordan Heal The Worst? Essay

How Does Jordan Heal The Worst? Essay

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At age of 17 things started to take a turn for the worst. Jordan became emotionally unstable and her mood changes were unpredictable. She was now fighting with her parents daily, this included yelling and usually ended with Jordan throwing things. There were still times when Jordan would experience separation anxiety when it came to her mother, but then there were times when she would leave the house upset and would not return for a few days. One day, her mother noticed something on Jordan’s arm. They were scars that Jordan had inflicted on herself. When she was confronted about it by her parent she first said that she had been scratched by the cat. Eventually she admitted to harming herself. She said she did it because she felt alone and bored and this was the only way she would feel better. This was the last straw, at this time her parents decided it was time to call for help. ( Salter-Pedneault, 2014)
As a baby, there was something different about Jordan, but her parents thought it was a phase she would grow out of. She was an intense baby; she did not adjust while to new circumstances, she easily would become upset, and she was hard to comfort. Her parents did not think much about her behavior, they assumed that all babies are different and that Jordan was just going through a phase. Still, as Jordan grew, she continued to become easily upset and difficult to comfort. She began to have major separation anxiety, so severe that when her mother left the room she would scream until her mother returned. Yet her parents thought, this was just a phase, child have separation anxiety at a young age, they thought. Beside this, Jordan was a loving child at times. As a family the often had many great times together. ( Salters-Pedneault...

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...on a one-on-one basis, between the individual and the therapist, or in a group setting. The group setting teaches individual how to interact with others and how to express themselves. (Borderline personality disorder, n.d.)
No medication has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to help treat borderline personality disorder. However people with this mental illness are are treated with medication in addition to the psychotherapy. (Borderline personality disorder, n.d.) Often times mood stabilisers or antipsychotic drugs are prescribed to help with mood swings, lessen psychotic symptoms, and reduce impulsive behavior. (Borderline personality disorder- cause, 2012). Antidepressant and antianxiety drugs may be used during the individual treat, but should be appropriately, these drugs help in managing depression, anxiety, and aggression (Grohol, 2007).

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