How Do We Know Anything?

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How Do We Know Anything? When one really thinks about it, the only thing we can be sure of is the existence of our minds. Whatever one believes is all perceived through senses, emotions, and thoughts such as sight or past experiences/knowledge. In actuality, anything we perceive cannot be believed as fact. On one end of the spectrum, extremists known as solipsists would argue that nothing exists but their minds, they make up the entirety of their reality and nobody else even exists. The floor beneath our feet does not exist and neither do our peers. If you try to argue that this life you lead is real because you can see the world, or through science, or that it is a dream that even if so, would still be perceived as a reality. Your senses have to be filtered through your mind, but to do that your mind has to tell you about the external world- which is what is being called into question- so trying to prove that your senses are reliable will leave to arguing in circles. Science again has this same issue- if one cannot establish the reliability of the senses in relation to an external w...
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