How Do I Engage Students Essay

How Do I Engage Students Essay

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How do I engage students in the learning process? How do I MAKE them take ownership of their learning? How do I make the material relevant to their lives? How do I MAKE them learn? Well, if there is anything I’ve learned in my 12 years of teaching, it is that you can’t. Ever the teacher, that has never stopped me from trying. I’ve begged, borrowed, stolen, and invented to try and make learning more relevant, meaningful, and yes, fun for my students. I was the teacher learning how to create in I-movie in 2005, the first to check out a smart board, and yes I even plunged all of my hard earned dollars into live scribe pens, my own mac and flip camera (to make those i-movies), my own projector and five-hundred dollar backup bulb, and much more; all in the name of engaging students. I was the non-tech, tech teacher everyone came to with their technology woes when there wasn’t a technology teacher available in our building to help them iron out the kinks.
I find myself now in a catch 22 situation as I am working for the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, yet unable to use much of the websites and apps available because I have students who are unengaged and because ECOT uses technology mainly at the substitution level of the SAMR model. I never would have thought I would have 150 students all with internet, a computer, AND a tablet, yet none of them will consistently complete the work assigned to them, attend class sessions or engage. In the world of social media and technology we often hear of the dangers of what is lost in this setting and I definitely see it first hand in the online classroom. I came to this course for the CEU’s, but I chose THIS class because I am still driven to try and make learning relevant to my stud...

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...sions that we offer weekly and out of the three sessions I offer a week on average I have one student a week show up to one session. Some of these sessions cover important topics to help them get ready for the state tests and I think that creating a commercial to try and get the students interested in coming might help attendance in this area. I will also use it to make commercials for events like parent-teacher conferences, writing contests, etc… that ECOT offers to the students.
There were so many great resources, websites, and apps that we viewed and even more ways to use them. I wish that I was able to offer more to my students in the Augmentation, Modification, and especially the Redefinition areas of the SAMR model, but feel my hands are tied since I am not given free rein to come up with my own assignments and due to the population of students we serve.

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