How Dinosaurs Went Extinct? Essay

How Dinosaurs Went Extinct? Essay

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How dinosaurs went extinct?
​Seeing as how people always have their eye on the future it’s hard to know our past, for an example with dinosaurs. What exactly happened to them is a mystery; we know that they are extinct but how exactly. There are many types of theories out there like the Asteroid Impact theory, the possibility of the climate changing, and the thought out volcano eruption idea but which of these is accurate. There is more proof to support the impact theory overall and is highly considered to be more accurate among most scientists. There is an actual location of where the asteroid hit and data in the layers of the crater to support the idea that most life and organisms were wiped out after impact. On the other hand there is still proof in the fossils that there was a major climate change prior to impact. Yet the Asteroid impact theory still stands as the reason dinosaurs are extinct.
​Starting with the Asteroid impact theory: Major discoveries were made by a geologist Walter Alvarez and his noble prize winning father, Luis Alvarez in the 1970’s. They found a layer of clay in the K/T boundary which is the rocks or sediments that mark the moving of the cretaceous period to the tertiary period. Their findings say “This clay contained an unusually high concentration of the rare earth element iridium 30 times the level typically found in the Earth’s crust.” (Johnson) Many people questioned why this was an important discovery, well that amount of iridium is usually found in asteroids and meteorites. The following discovery that further provided indication that the impact of an asteroid ended the time of the dinosaurs would be the location of the crater itself. In Chixulub, Mexico is where the asteroid hit “…the crater lies...

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