How Character Development Affected Your Interpretation Essay

How Character Development Affected Your Interpretation Essay

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A) Write a minimum three-sentence reading reaction for each assigned story, concentrating on how character development affected your interpretation. Be sure to include detailed reasoning for your reactions using specific details from each story.

B) How would you analyze each story in terms of static vs. dynamic characters? How does each character 's status affect you as a reader? (Are you hoping for one character to change/not change? Are you disappointed by a change or lack of change?) Again, be sure to include specific details and references--this should be a given for any questions I pose in the future.

“Never Marry a Mexican”
This story was my favorite this week. The main character is a very round character, well-developed, and I enjoyed the way she tells the story. The cultural elements are what really pulled me into the narrative: the Mexican bakeries in her neighborhood, “Las Brisas for huevos rancheros…(112), the candles of “El Nino Fidencio, Don Pedro Jaramillo…” in her apartment(114), and she says things like, “I was his doradita, all golden and sun-baked” (114). She tells her background, which is complex, and we see her as a person, not just a placeholder in the story
The main character is dynamic; she goes from someone who is likeable, albeit someone who sleeps around (I’ve never married...not a man exists who hasn’t disappointed me, whom I could trust to love the way I’ve loved - 110) to someone who is vindictive and a murderer (Rub his belly. Stroke him. Before I snap my teeth - 118). I was more invested in the story because I knew her to be a complex, interesting character; it made it that much more shocking when she changes at the end. Indeed, she introduced herself as someone who can’t be trusted, but I felt ...

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...says he is “so much a child in my bed. Nothing but a big boy who who needs to be held” (116). The way she talks to him is like a mother figure, but twisted at the same time, “Come to mamita. My stupid little bird” (118). He is frail, gentle, trusting, young, and she is the opposite of innocent, “I’m vindictive and cruel, and I’m capable of anything,” she says (109). Because he is so sweet and frail, she looks like even more of a monster next to him. It makes her character pop out at you.

D. Peer Discussion Question: In “Sea Oak,” what do you think makes Aunt Bernie so different when she comes back? If she spent her whole life saying things were great, did she mean it and change her mind afterward, or do you think she was trying to put up a front that things were great for her whole life and only after death does she realize that she shouldn’t have lied to everyone?

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