How Can Spend More Time Together? Essay

How Can Spend More Time Together? Essay

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that they can spend more time together because she missed him when he was at work and he missed her when he was away from home.
"Tell yuh whut, Janie, less buy us some shootin ' tools and go huntin ' round heah." "Dat would be fine, Tea Cake, exceptin ' you know Ah can 't shoot. But Ah 'd love tuh go wid you." "Oh, you needs tuh learn how. 'Tain 't no need uh you not knowin ' how tuh handle shootin ' tools. Even if you didn 't never find no game, it 's always some trashy rascal dat needs uh good Their Eyes Were Watching God 4 131 killin '," he laughed.” (Hurston 130)
Tea Cake teaching Janie how to shoot a gun shows that he doesn 't limit her from doing anything. The muck was a place full of strangers who were all there for the same reasons; work and money, therefore it was a smart idea to teach Janie how to protect herself if he wasn 't around. He loved and respected Janie. Janie’s features did not cause Teacake to treat her as if she was above or below him or anyone else.
“ Ah jus ' know dat God snatched me out de fire through you. And Ah loves yuh and feel glad." "Thank yuh, ma 'am, but don 't say you 'se ole. You 'se uh girl baby all de time. God made it so you spent yo ' ole age first wid somebody else, and saved up yo ' young girl days to spend wid me." (Hurston 180-181)
In the beginning Janie struggled finding herself, when she was younger she didn’t even recognize her own self in a photograph she had taken. It was almost a shock to her when she saw what she looked like. “"So when we looked at de picture and everybody got pointed out there wasn 't nobody left except a real dark little girl with long hair standing by Eleanor. Dat 's where Ah wuz s 'posed to be, but Ah couldn 't recognize dat dark chile as me. So Ah ast, '...

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...ggers. Ah don 't blame de white folks from hatin"em 'cause Ah can 't stand 'em mahself. 'Nother thing, Ah hates tuh see folks lak me and you mixed up wid 'em. Us oughta class off. (Hurston 141)" Ms. Turner thinks that she should be held to higher standards than all the darker folks because of her appearance. She even has an opinion on Janie wearing overalls and working out on the muck with everyone else.
“Look at me! Ah ain 't got no flat nose and liver lips. Ah 'm uh featured woman. Ah got white folks ' features in mah face. Still and all Ah got tuh be lumped in wid all de rest. It ain 't fair. Even if dey don 't take us in wid de whites, dey oughta make us uh class tuh ourselves." (Hurston 142)
White society’s image of beauty clearly has had an impact on Ms. Turner and her thoughts and African Americans. The Caucasian features that she possesses make her feel

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