Homelessness : Causes And Solutions Essay

Homelessness : Causes And Solutions Essay

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Homelessness - Causes, Consequences and Solutions
People who do not have a regular dwelling place; a fixed place that they can retire to, or call their own; are referred to as ‘homeless’. Almost every city in the world today has to deal with the problem of homelessness. From New York to London to Mumbai, it is not uncommon to find dirty, disorganized people sheltering themselves from the effects of nature under bridges, at railway and bus stations, in abandoned buildings and even in alleys and road corners under tents, covers and even cardboard. Homelessness is a major urban problem. What are the reasons and consequences of this problem and are there any solutions?
Current studies point to an amazingly large number of people who are homeless in the US. “…figures range from 250,000 to three million … with two million the most frequently cited figure.” (Morse. Gary A. Causes of Homelessness. p 3) There are many subsidizing factors to homelessness but one can conclude that although the homeless population is very diverse, they all suffer from extreme poverty. Compared to the 1950s – 70s, the profile of the homeless today indicate that they are more educated and that there are a larger number of women. “Homelessness is usually the result of the cumulative impact of a number of factors, rather than a single cause … structural factors, systems failure and individual circumstances,” states The Homeless Hub a research site about the homeless in its essay The Causes of Homelessness. Poverty is closely linked to homelessness and the giving of important factors include the individual’s inability to get affordable housing, food or healthcare. The individual can also be a victim of judgment that can prevent his access to employment, housing...

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...portunity provided to the homeless also referred to as ‘sandwich board men’ popular during Dickens in nineteenth century England and after the Great Depression in America. Unpaid free advertising by companies indirectly helps the homeless too. The free distribution of T-shirts, jerseys and bags with bold company logos for the use of the homeless also ultimately contributes towards the welfare of the homeless.
A stable home, linked to jobs and physical and mental health supports, may help end homelessness for good, but ultimately it is a cultural issue and society as a whole has to have concern for, and help, in their own way, to include the unfortunate into the mainstream. Entire communities have to change their approach to the problem of homelessness; in the first place they have to prevent homelessness from occurring. Everybody has to become a part of the solution.

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