Homeless Youth in Canada Essay

Homeless Youth in Canada Essay

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33,000, this is the number of homeless that live on the streets in Canada and 8,000-11,000 of those people are youth in the age range of only 16-24 years of age. This number has increased and grown bigger by the days due to social and economic factors and coming up with a solution becomes more complicated. Many teens become homeless because of hardship in their life or addiction and mental/psychical disabilities, which affects the integrity of that person. This essay will explain the factors of how youth end up on the streets and the harmful effects it can cause and how Canada reacts and helps this problem. The world is discovering how the population of youth on the streets is growing and their trying make many solutions regarding this problem hoping to take many off the streets and start having a healthier better life for themselves.

How do teens end up homeless? Being homeless is never a choice but a downfall in one’s life due all sort of hardship that occurs in someone’s living environment. For many teens homeless occurs due to bad living situations at home such as abusive relationship within the family or family is in debt due to poverty putting stress on the teen .About 40% of girls and 19% of boys left home because of sexual abuse. Teenagers are still learning how to cope with life so they tend to feel high emotion they don’t know how to handle causing them to feel unconformable which may lead to addiction. Addictions to alcohol and drugs are a vast aspect towards homelessness. Addiction is most likely to lead to youth losing interest in anything in life and their normal daily routines causing bad school attendance and grades giving the bad outcome of getting kicked out of school ...

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... Picture a dreadful winter night, laying on the uncomfortable soil of the earth and nothing to protect you from the unpleasant weather but one jacket and maybe a tarp if you’re fortunate. Homeless deal with this problem in Canada more than you would know. Hardship in life and how Canada deals and finds solutions is the main aspect towards homeless. The country of Canada is trying to achieve on making a lower number of youth on the streets using multiple solutions. Such as shelter homes, charity and fund raisers. The use of shelter systems can cost up to $30,000 to $40,000 per year making it hard for this shelters to become more popular. The Canadian federal government helps fund the program they have towards homelessness called Supporting Community Partnerships Initiative and is trying to get a higher majority of people involved with helping homeless youth.

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