Home Is Where the Heart Is Essay examples

Home Is Where the Heart Is Essay examples

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There was a time in my life that four walls and a roof over my head didn't mean much to me. I am therefore surprised to see how much joy and fulfillment I have experienced from something I never thought I wanted. The stereotypical American dream of owning a home and raising a family had never been what I pictured myself doing, let alone finding any type of fulfillment in it. My dreams were to travel the world and try new things; things that no one had ever achieved before. I wanted to see things I had never imagined and help people on a global scale. It is not to say that these are no longer the dreams I pursue, but there has been a complete metamorphosis in my ambitions. I find joy in the most simple and ordinary place: my home. A simple fixer-upper home that is nearly 60 years old has become the apple of my eye and the oasis that I escape to at the end of every day.

My house is located in Hampton, Virginia, which is a large city compared to the small country town I grew up in. Although there are some areas in Hampton that could use improvement, there are also many nice areas spread throughout the city. I am fortunate to have a home that is located in one of the nicest areas. There is easy access to many local amenities that make it a joy to live in this great city. I have been able to experience much of the local culture, including exciting festivals and a great variety of cuisine, since I moved here 2 years ago. I have also made some friends in my community that I hold very dear. These friends are always willing to lend a hand to someone in need and they have been a very positive factor in my life, constantly encouraging me to do things I did not think I would be capable of doing. I am so thankful that I live i...

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...very project that I have undertaken I have done to the absolute best of my ability and the outcome has been surprisingly picturesque.

My favorite place in the world is my home and not because I am a hermit who dislikes going out. My home is in a perfect location that is filled with opportunities and excitement of which I take full advantage. From the beautiful exterior and welcoming street to my tile entryway, it all adds to the ambiance of having stepped into a perfect home. Not just having stepped into any perfect home, but the perfect home for me; exactly as I desire it. Each and every area displays my handiwork and the pride I take in that work is what makes me feel so empowered when I'm in my home. Oliver Wendell Holmes once said "Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts" and as a homeowner I now believe that wholeheartedly.

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Home Is Where the Heart Is Essay examples

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