Home Based Care Is Better Than A Nursing Home Essay

Home Based Care Is Better Than A Nursing Home Essay

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There are over two million elderly people living in nursing homes today (Franklin, 2013).
No one ever expects to live out his or her later years in life in a nursing home. When people are young they may not realize the obstacles in life that may cause them not to have a place or person to spend their older years in life with. Regrettably, many of the elderly are not treated with the care and respect they deserve. “Poor quality of care is endemic in many nursing homes” (Fernandez, 2011). It is the responsibility of the younger generation to make sure that the elderly are taken care of and that neglect does not happen. Nursing homes have too many patients and not enough care-givers compared to home care that has familiar one on one care. Home-based care is better than a nursing home.
One sign of neglect is bed sores, and there are more bed sores at nursing homes than in other forms of care. According to JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association) bed sores, also known as pressure ulcers, happen to those who have continued exposer to moisture, like urine or feces and are confined to a bed or wheelchair (Gill, 2003). What happens most of the time is that a nurse has so many patients to take care of that they just do not have the time or they do not care about individual patients. When elderly people complains or gripe about his or her position or the situation they may not have a voice in the matter because the facility is following doctors’ orders. For the most part, patients spend most of the day in their room by themselves, often only checked on during rounds. The elderly are often left to succumb to boredom and depression due to the fact of no companionship. The people who were once active in their community now have ...

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...lso to the mind and over all well-being.
In conclusion, home based care is better than a nursing home. Neglect can happen to anyone, anywhere, the question is what is being done to stop it? How are people ensuring that the elderly are safe? The elderly have worked hard all their lives to have the life they worked to have and family and a home that they are proud of. Why in their later years are they sent to stale, cold, impersonal nursing homes? If someone were to major in being a Health Care Administrator and if that person happened to work in a nursing home, would he or she do everything in his or her power to make sure that those who have to be there have the best experience they could possibly have? Elderly are the past, but they are the ones who have made the things in the world today possible. The elderly should have all the respect and care they deserve.

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