Essay about The Holocaust : A Perfect Society

Essay about The Holocaust : A Perfect Society

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The Nazis believed that by creating the Lebensborn Program they were building a perfect society, but in reality, they were destroying the lives of thousands of people. The purpose of the program was to allow young women that met the standards of being “racially pure” an opportunity to deliver a child in secrecy (“Nazi”). The SS thought by fusing Norwegian and German blood, an Aryan master race would form. Therefore, Himmler encouraged the German soldiers to produce children with Norwegian women. If a woman became pregnant and wanted to keep the pregnancy a secret, the Lebensborn homes were a place where women could give birth to their babies. Ten homes were built across Norway to raise the children as pure German citizens of the Third Reich. The program started out as a way to protect unmarried women giving birth to their children, but after World War Two, the lives of the children changed. The health ministry officials took the children and began abusing them (N.A.). The young adults that were children of the Lebesnborn program have been getting answers they have been searching for about their true identity. Last year, a German television news reporter revealed 1,000 unknown Lebensborn files in the German government archive, in Berlin. There are mixed feelings about one finding out their true identity; they have a sense of relief that they know who they are and often feel disgusted from their background as a child (Hammer).
Himmler’s idea of creating the perfect German society was to increase the Germanic population to 120 million people. He believed his goal could be achieved with the help of the Lebensborn program, in which the children would lead a Nazi-Aryan nation. The start of the program began in 1933, when the Nazi dic...

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...nts, others were not as lucky. Paul Hansesn, a victim during the Lebensborn Program, tracked down his biological mother, and when he found her, she pretended she was not his mother and fled. Many different people react to the same situations in similar ways (Kirsty).
What happened to these children can never be undone or forgotten. The people of Norway and Germany do not talk about the program; they are ashamed of what happened to innocent children who were not even old enough to defend themselves. After the war, the children were able to have a fresh start and begin a new life. It is difficult to live a life as best as one can, not knowing their true identity. Many Lebensborn children got together to attempt to piece together the missing information of what happened to each other. All of the pain and grief was caused by Himmler because he wanted a perfect society.

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