The Holland and Barrett Brands Essay

The Holland and Barrett Brands Essay

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Brand; - brand is known as uniqueness in term of what products or service the company provides. Brand is also set of insight or image that represents seller. Brand defines symbol, name, term or feature of company’s service or goods. Example of popular brand is apple, Amazon and Samsung.

Looking to the case study chosen, the Holland and Barrett brand is the name and design identifies their quality products and service as distinct from those other sellers. Holland and Barrett store have natural and healthy appearance that provides easily to recognise them. H&B promise is to deliver healthy food and best value price. (Holland and barret.2012)

Branding; - branding is the process of creating name, image or logo for the product in consumers mind through advertising theme. In H&B branding gives the ability customer to recognise them through their business name, design and healthy products. The benefit of branding in H&B is customers are likely to remember their products and their strong images and their colourful colour of the store to recognise them. Other benefit of branding for H&B is it serves convenient container for reputation and good will. Loyalty when customers have experience with brand and customers are likely to buy their products again.

Brand Equity

1.1.1. Definition; - “brand equity is the added value endowed on products and services. It may be reflected in the way consumer think, feel, and act with respect to the brand, as well as in the price, market share and profitability the brand commands.”(Kolter and Keller.2012, p265) according to the case study of Holland and Barrett, brand equity refers to high brand value, brand with high value equity means, H&B has the ability to create some sort of positiv...

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... might need exposure cost. Holland and Barrett is currently using corporate branding because it presents every product with same brand name and to have same level of quality products.

Co-Branding;- co-branding is when two companies together, another word two brand becoming partnership of goods and services.(Investopedia.come.2013) the advantages of co-branding companies is to increase sales and cash flow, expanding customers and joined advertising. The potential disadvantages are disagreement on decision making, might fall if the two products have different market and customer trust issues. Co-branding would not work for Holland and Barrette because it might create confusing as they have huge customers and are familiar with brand. The risk going to co-branding is loss of control; lose customers because single advertising might not cover the entire category.

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