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Hold It Down By Gina Meyers Essay

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Gina Meyers and Jill McDonough both illustrate a lack of control within the poems “Hold it Down” and “Accident, Mass. Ave.”. “Hold it Down” by Gina Meyers describes a long narrative of the problem, a lack of control, impossibilities and frustration in everyday life, while “Accident, Mass. Ave.” presents a narrative of a problem, a moment of loss of control, aggression and frustration in a single moment that happen on a specific day. Similarly the poems are long and include long enjambed lines disturbed by few short and small lines. Contrasting the poems are ordered and structured very differently.
Loss of control depicted in “Hold it Down” is evident in the structure of the long narrative of the poem. The form is free flowing, and does not have a formal or any type of rhyme scheme. Ideas jump from one thing to the next, connected only by the four objectives of the poem. Beginning, “It’s 70 degrees outside but in the drugstore / Christmas music plays over the speakers as” (Meyers 1-2), one doesn’t expect the poem to then move 11 lines later to a “Darkness” about the “latest revision / of our shared history.” (13-14). This shift from just standing in the drugstore to looking at the history we share, loses the control the reader thought they had on the poem. The speaker jolts the reader into the poem here by using the word “our” which takes control away from the reader and gives it to the speaker as they tell you what ‘we’ saw (the reader and the speaker). The reader then moves along through the poem only changing topics when the speaker does. The speaker takes control of what is being thought and what is being imagined. The narrator themselves also has a lack of control in focusing on one collective. They switch seamlessly from “I...

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... of the breaks and pauses they take.
Through the long flowing narrative and complex, break-less sentences create a problem of lack of control for both the reader and the speaker. “Accident, Mass. Ave.” similarly does the same, but with a moment of clarity, with everyday speech spacing. Moving through each poem control is places solely into the speaker’s words. They control the way the reader reads the poem, and in turn how the poem is interpreted. “Hold it Down” lacks control in the thoughts of the speaker, jumping from one thought to the next, with no breaks and no introduction. “Accident, Mass. Ave.” introduces thoughts and presents them logically and chronologically giving structure and movement, where “Hold it Down” doesn’t. These poems both convey an issue, primarily focused on control, and how they handle it, with very different structures, but similar lines.

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