Hiv Is Known As The Human Immunodeficiency Virus Essay

Hiv Is Known As The Human Immunodeficiency Virus Essay

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HIV is known as the Human immunodeficiency virus. The virus was recognized in a chimpanzee by scientists in Africa. They believe that it is the same cause of HIV infections found in humans. The type of infection found in chimpanzees is called the simian immunodeficiency virus that was spread to humans and also mutated into HIV. There was a time when human hunted chimpanzee for meat and was in contact with their blood that is infected. In past studies it showed that HIV have showed up in apes and humans in the late 1800s. Over time the disease as develop and spread throughout Africa and different parts of the world. The virus became known in the united stated around the 1970s. HIV travels through fluids in the blood, semen, rectal fluids, and breast milk. The liquids may be found in the mucous membrane or in a damage tissue that is introduced into the blood stream with a needle or syringe. The Mucous membrane is found in the rectum. Vagina, mouth and the penis opening. People can also get HIV by having sex with another person with the virus, vaginal sex and multiple sex partners.
HIV is a virus that travels through some of the body fluids that attacks the immune system. The particular cells that is infected is the CD4 cells also known has the T cells. HIV can destroy many different cells overtime and the body will not be able to fight the infection or disease. HIV reduces the CD4 cells that helps the body immune fight infections. When the immune system is damage it makes the body work harder to fight off infectious disease pathogens. If HIV does not get untreated it can lead to AIDS also known as acquired immunodeficiency syndrome as well as other viruses, the human body are not able to fight off or get rid of HIV bec...

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...her and the CD4 cell level will decrease. The data study indicates a reduce risk of uninfected sex partners and are shown in all HIV patients.
People living with HIV can be scared, but they can seek counseling so that they don’t deal with it alone. They can find support through family and friends through the difficult times. Many people share their results with people they know or keep it private. The good thing about HIV is that a person can still live their life for a longer period as long as they continue treatment. All people respond differently when receiving HIV test results, some of the feeling are, anger and sadness. There is, treatment options and people can still be able to live their life as well as others. A person with HIV as to share that they have the disease with their partner, but there are some that don’t and I find that to be a selfish act.

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