The History of Television Essay

The History of Television Essay

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History of television and its influence on people lives. How did television revolutionize the world?

TV, more commonly known as ‘television’ is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. In ancient Greek tèle means ‘far', and in Latin visio means sight. From my perspective and many people of the world television has changed the way we live. Television has brought many amazing things, however nothing is perfect.
Television sets were commercially available since the late 1920s but in very small quantities. Since then television had become a bit more common in houses or business institutions because of it’s purposes. Which are entertainment, and news. In the 1950s, television shaped public opinion among citizens. After the introduction of color television (mid 60s), it has become more available for the ‘average‘ person. In my essay I will analyses how television has changed the word, people, human habits, perception of the surrounding reality and of course I’ll explain how has television evolved through the century.

Mechanical television(20s and 30s)

I would like to begin with an explanation of what television is. Television is a medium of telecommunication. Television is used for transmitting and receiving sound and moving images. It refers to the images which that are black-and-white (monochrome), color, or images with sound or without. The first mechanical television systems that produced real television images were developed by by Charles Francis Jenkins in the United States of America and John Logie Baird in England in the mid 20s.
Baird who was a scottish inventor, was able to show the transmission of moving silhouette images in 1925, and of moving monochromatic images in 1926. He achieved this by using ...

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...e moon, if it wasn't for television we would only be able to read about this in the papers and not actually witness it.
However, this great invention made people lazy, watching television became an activity that everyone enjoyed, simply sitting on the sofa and watching television for hours. This caused people to become less active, kids would slack on homework and instead of going to play outside they would watch television.
Every new invention, can bring something great to the world. Television was one of those inventions, the process of its creation was quite long and sophisticated, but great things aren't achieved in a snap. Although, television may have its flaws it stands no chance with all the pros. This medium connected families together, but most off all it connected the world. Making it an invention which had one of the largest impacts on the world.

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