The History of Sports from the Beginning Essay examples

The History of Sports from the Beginning Essay examples

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Sports go way back in time, longer than we have recorded. They have found evidence of people practicing swimming and archery in 6000 BC. That means that about 8000 years ago people were practicing swimming already! I never thought that sports were going to date to so far back. I had always thought that sports were something that has just started to come up in the past 1000 years. There is some stuff that goes even further than just 6000 BC, for example in 7000 BC they have found cave paintings of wrestlers surrounded by a crowd. I wrestle as well but I couldn’t imagine how wrestling would be back then 9000 years ago! In japan they have found carvings of something similar to their famous sport, sumo wrestling. Hmmm who knew that sports we play now are the same as the ones that have been around for thousands of years and have been the same with only a few rule changes here and there, I would’ve expected sports to change a lot. Over to the Sumerian civilization they have found more than just one painting that shows more examples of sports and people wrestling, for example there is one painting that shows 3 pairs of wrestlers around 3000 BC. Even the Sumerian king had fishing hooks just like the ones we use now. In Egypt there are monuments made to pharaohs dating around 2000 BC and on those monuments there were a lot of sports shown on there. Sports on there were sports like wrestling, weight lifting, long jump, Javelin throwing, high jump, swimming, rowing, shooting (as in like bow and arrow), fishing, and also they had a lot of different ball games. Wrestling is an old sport but it is really popular most places have a history of wrestling, Weather it’s the same kind of wrestling I am not too sure they played wrestling the same way...

... middle of paper ... sucks they just sold one of their best players. In that same year US boxer Jack Dempsey beats, Jess Willard for the heavy weight title, Jack won and Jess left with a broken jaw, that fight sounds like something I would want to see. So traveling further into time we are headed to the year 1924, Where Johnny Weissmuller on three Olympic gold medals in swimming and a bronze medal in water polo. That same year in 1924 a British rugby team called the lions toured South Africa, which is a pretty big thing. Just 4 years later Norwegian figure-skater Sonja Henie won the first of three individual gold Olympic medals in a row. Wow, if you think about it sports changed a lot through history, especially during the 1800 to the present, that’s when it changed the most. From the earliest of times like from before 600bc sports just stayed the same for a long time until the 1000’s

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